Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Coat and knitwear brooches.

Using kilt pins these brooches are designed to be worn on coats and knitwear. The beads are a mix of mediums - opal moons, semi precious beads and chips, fresh water pearls and glass/crystal beads, along with hand painted acrylic flowers. I have photographed them with earrings so that you can see how you could mix and match! The brooches are one-offs and range between £25.00 to £35.00 each. (See prices at bottom of post) The earrings are £12 a pair.

(It was raining when I photographed these brooches - so the specs on the pendants are rain).  


                      1) £35.00       2) £25.00      3) £35.00     4) £28.00     5) £35.00      6) £32.00

 My daughter, Moomie Swan and I will be sharing a stall at Christmas Fairs this year and above are her origami brooches. Each one unique and with a beautiful glass button in the centre. They are £20 each.


  1. hiya! how do I get hold of your pieces? Do you have a website I could visit? Thanks


  2. Superb brooches. I really like the fourth one since I bought the same piece two day before from Vk-jewelry. Brooches are now making a great comeback amongst fashion savvy individuals like me. There sizes vary like very large versions take up a quarter of your torso and the smaller ones comes as tiny as a ring. It is a great alternative to cufflinks and can easily be pinned to the lapel of our jacket that really looks beautiful on personality.