Saturday, 11 April 2015


001 - Apricot Rose on metallic tangerine with gold glass bead.

002 - Large dusky mauve chrysanthynum on silvery chestnut with 1920's blown glass beads

003 - Apricot rose on dusky mauve and gold with opaque red bead

004 - Creamy turquoise flower on green and gold with teal bead

005 - Bright salmon chrysanthemum on emerald green with orange bead

006 - Deep beige rose on iridescent greens, golds and pinks with light topaz glass bead

007 - Pale pinky-violet rose on frosted white with grey and sparkly plum and blue jade bead

008 - Baby pink on greens and golds with pale pink jade bead

009 Large blue-violet rose on sparkly indigo with frosted blue glass bead

010 - Deep salmon rose on iridescent golds and pink with gold glass bead

011 - Dark plum flower on soft green, blue and purple with teal glass bead

012 - Baby pink rose on iridescent sunshine golds and pink on topaz glass bead

013 - Salmon pink chrysanthemum on metallic violet with peach crystal bead.

014 - Creamy pastel aqua-blue flower on mossy gold and green on turquoise jade bead

015 - Creamy pink rose on yellow and pink

016 - Sunflower and daffodil yellows and golds

017 Apricot Rose on Silver with purple glass bead

018 - Deep Salmon flower on iridescent soft Golds, Pinks and Green

019 - Apricot Chrysanthemum on metallic lime-gold

020 - Violet chrysanthemum on soft iridescent plum, green and gold with magenta jade bead

021 - Large soft green chrysanthemum on sage blue greens with aqua glass bead

022 - Salmon Chrysanthemum on iridescent purple and gold with ivory jade bead

023 - Creamy turquoise-grey flower on purple and pink with jade bead

024 - Glossy bloodred rose on yellow and scarlet with red jade bead.
Each pair of earrings that I make are totally unique in colour combination. (Purely because this makes it more fun for me!) I don't know why I attempt to say what colours these earrings are as the photos are a very good representation! Prices inclusive of post and packaging are £15 for UK and Europe and £16 for the rest of the world.

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